4 Most Effective Ways of Reaching the US Hispanic Audience

Posted November 28, 2013 7:50 pm by Sebastian Aroca

As one of the most important consumer blocs around the world, the Hispanic population is the new hub of focus for online marketers. As the Hispanic community continues to grow both in number and in social class, their patronage can mean the difference between the success and the stagnation of an online business.

One – Using digital advertising services as well as organic listings

Search engine optimization is vital to any online marketing program; however, it is especially important if you have a business that is trying to reach out to Hispanics. Hispanics are by far the largest growing audience on the Internet. Many businesses now go out of their way to maintain a bilingual English and Spanish site specifically to cater to the Hispanic audience.

Led by Google, the major search engines have also gone out of their way to cater to sites that are including the Hispanic population. Google now has completely separate listings for different languages, meaning that a site that is completely in Spanish can be targeted specifically at consumers who are typing their search queries in the Spanish language.

Two – Blogging and social media

Aside from the major social media platforms, Hispanics are also creating their own communities online which can provide a business a strong base for communications with its audience. The main advantage of social interactions is the direct nature of the marketing as well as the laser focused targeting that this can accomplish. No other medium allows a business to speak so directly with its consumer base, pick their brains one by one for ideas to improve and get instant feedback from a core constituency.

Three – TV commercials

Although the Internet is the current darling of most marketers these days, the tried and true methodology of older media such as TV is hardly to be scoffed at. However, businesses should remember that even the TV audience has been affected by the influx of new ways to decipher information from the Internet. As such, a TV commercial should be kept very short and the message should be embedded very subtly. The current generation of Internet users hate hard sells, especially when they are coming from television.

One of the greatest aspects of TV advertising is the statistical accuracy: Most TV stations have a much better idea of their demographic and how your ads are performing with them than websites do.

Four – Spanish radio

Depending on the type of business that you have and the demographic that you serve, you may want to go straight to the original social media for advertising – radio. Radio is an often underused model that speaks very intimately. Also, in big cities during rush hour, people tend not to skip over radio commercials in their cars, giving a business more valuable impressions than perhaps any other medium that has been mentioned in this article.

Spanish radio also has the advantage of being targeted directly at the Hispanic market, further increasing the viability of the medium. Properly managed, a radio campaign can bring the highest conversion ratio of any advertising medium.

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