2 Ways to Incorporate English to Spanish Translation into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted November 28, 2013 7:45 pm by Sebastian Aroca

Digital marketing has the ability to easily reach across lines of geography. However, without breaking the barrier of language, being able to project a marketing message across the world does a company very little good. Having a comprehensive bilingual digital marketing strategy is essential for most businesses that are looking to expand and grow into emerging markets and engage the up and coming middle class of cities, nations and whole continents that are looking to improve their lives with a variety of modern products and services.

Below are a couple of ways in which any company can more effectively engage the worldwide audience by incorporating comprehensive translation services into its digital marketing program.

One – Make sure that your business reaches as many potential consumers as possible through a bilingual website.

There is nothing more inviting to a potential consumer than to be addressed in his or her own language. Taking the time to provide this service shows respect for culture as well as a willingness to engage that the consumer will likely attribute to the rest of your business. In short, your goodwill with that customer starts off on the right foot. Obviously, the website will also be much easier for them to read.

Creating a bilingual website is possible even if you do not know the language in which you would like to translate. Many services are available from the free Google Translate option to private services that provide much more nuanced translation services.

The more effective pay services will not only be able to provide more nuanced translations for your web content, but they will also be able to optimize that content into the translated language for additional visibility within the major search engines. In the modern search engine optimization landscape, websites can be filtered according to language preference. Properly optimized, your website can actually be targeted at consumers with a language preference for more effective use of the SEO funds of a company as well as a much more direct line to paying customers.

Because people tend to search for the products and services that they need in their native language, you will be able to appear at the top of search engine results for the preferred language no matter what it is. The final outcome for many companies is a higher conversion rate, which means more sales for less ad money.

Two – Make sure to keep the sites in sync with each other, updating them in tandem.

Many companies with bilingual websites tend to subconsciously prefer to update the site that is in their native language, leaving the other site without valuable information. In order to remove this bias, a webmaster should engage a business in one of the automatic or supplied services that sync both websites together. When one website is updated, the other website is updated as well. Both websites are updated in their preferred language and search engine optimization efforts for both sites can move ahead unhindered.

Search engines tend to prefer websites that update themselves frequently. By syncing bilingual sites together, a company basically receives double the SEO for the money.

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