Until recently, the online content revolution has been mostly confined to creating keyword-rich articles written in English. As described on this blog, the Hispanic American community is now eager to find content that is relevant to them in both English and Spanish. At Latinosem.com, we agree with Mark Hugo Lopez and Ana Gonzalez-Barrera that the story of the Spanish language in the U.S. is still unfolding. We also believe that Spanish SEO is poised to undergo a content revolution in 2014, and here’s why (some of these stats are from Pew Research):

  • With more than 37 million speakers in the US, Spanish is by far the most spoken non-English language today among people ages 5 and older.
  • Spanish is spoken in U.S. homes by more non-Hispanics than any other non-English language
  • Spanish language television networks such as Telemundo or Univision frequently beat their English counterparts in television ratings.
  • The number who speaks Spanish and watches television in Spanish has risen even as the share that consumes their news in Spanish has been in decline in the same period.
  • Latinos parents emphasize their children the importance of speaking Spanish and being bilingual, and the importance of being proud of their heritage.

Spanish SEO allows you to connect with the Hispanic audience that is Spanish-preferred or Spanish-dominant, whether that audience is local, national, or regional.

Normally, we’ll break down any SEO project in 2 stages:

On-Page SEO for Spanish Website

You can develop a Spanish website in two ways:

  1. By translating your main site to Spanish – this will require localization after translation to include culturally relevant messages and avoid typical “lost in translation” problems
  2. By developing Spanish content from scratch – this will require a team of Spanish-language writers with a clear editorial calendar that can be followed. That agenda can include the following cultural elements:
    1. The importance of the family
    2. The importance of the Hispanic Heritage
    3. The importance of preserving the language
    4. The importance of transmitting the language–Spanish–to the children
    5. The importance of learning English as a second language (ESL)
    6. The importance of progress for Latinos
    7. Women: the Latina Mom, the beauty, health and education
    8. Men: passion for sports and soccer

You should optimize the pages by adding the right keywords, images, tags, and so on.  Our on-page optimization efforts will include:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Coding & Content Optimization
  • URL revision
  • META tags (title, description)
  • Xml and HTML Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt

Latinosem.com will optimize your site to build the right foundation to have success later on the web promotion phase by assuring your content is both user friendly and search engine friendly.

This has to be done before any off-page optimization efforts begin. You need to be 100% confident that your site is worth recommending. Get the Home (Website) in order – SEO wise – before inviting the Guests (Web visitors)! Otherwise, it might generate negative publicity, the opposite of what you want and need.

Off-Page SEO for Spanish Website

seo Our team of Latino SEO experts specializes in helping the traffic of your web properties grow organically through strategic content creation and placement.

Each campaign is unique and it will require different marketing components depending on who you customer is, what objectives you are trying to achieve (drive sales, generate leads, create brand awareness, promote an event, or a combination of these), and how quickly.



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