Creative Ideas Helps You Enliven Your Vision

Let’s start with the assumption that we can always improve ways we use to reach the Latino consumer, without noise, without waste. By creating ideas through the Latino’s eyes, this will enable us to increase awareness of your products and services and reach the Hispanic market better, deeper and as often as needed!

Latino SEM Helps You Connect with Latinos Online

Through: Search Engine Development (SEO, PPC), Language Services (Website translations, Document translations), Content Marketing (article creation, press release creation and distribution), Social Media Marketing (social media, blogging, blogger outreach), Website Development (responsive web design, mobile marketing), and more!

Personal Touch Conveys Empathy and Drives Sales

We believe that the potential for growing your market through cultivating a “personal touch” with the Latino consumer is almost limitless. The ability to speak directly and empathically to Hispanic consumers - yet without labels, and hear their questions and concerns will help you build better products and services that address market needs!

Latino Disrupters Breakthrough Results in Reaching Latino Consumers

We believe that no company, team or advertising agency is so essential that it can’t be replaced and no single business model, marketing strategy or even industry, are off-limits to a raw burst of tweak or upgrade. Let us help you build new bridges (or upgrade existing ones) that will connect you and your brand with the “not monolithic” Latino consumer!


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Each project has a life on its own. Each client has unique needs and objectives. Having said that, our general process remains the same.

Initial Consultation

FirstStep Everything starts with an initial complementary consultation. Whether this takes place online or in person, we always begin with a meeting. During this consultation, we learn about your business and primary objectives, we learn who your customers are and how you are reaching them today, and more.

In some cases, we may send you also an online questionnaire to gather additional information that may be of value to us on the needs analysis.

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Needs Analysis

yourneeds The needs analysis is vital for any project to reach certain level of success. In a needs analysis, we learn not only what your business needs are as they relate to the Latino market, but also whether:

• You are operationally ready to support Latino consumers
• You have developed a customer profile for the Latino consumer
• You have sized your online Hispanic market, and assessed the Spanish market opportunity

Once we learn these, if we feel there’s a match, we will proceed to creating a preliminary proposal.

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Preliminary Proposal

Draft-report Our preliminary proposal will typically include all main elements that will help you on the decision making process.

When you read our preliminary proposal, we hope you feel that is specially designed for you. We strive to personalize it as much as we possibly can based on information gathered during previous steps of the process.
Our goal is that our preliminary proposal becomes a competitive option for you, and we always recommend that you gather at least two other proposals.

Then, we will coordinate a call with the decision makers so that we can go over the proposal and answer any questions or concerns.

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Incorporate Feedback

feedback During the call with the client, we will address questions and concerns that arise. More importantly, we will listen to what you have to say. Your feedback is very valuable to us, and it will be incorporated into the Revised Proposal which is typically sent to you within 3 or 4 business days after the call.

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Revised Proposal

feedback Along with the revised proposal, we will send you our availability so that we may schedule a call to go over the document.

Of course, if you don’t have any further questions and you give us the green light to start working on the project, then, we will send you a professional service agreement to be signed by parties. The agreement is for 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on the scope of the project.

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  • We are Latinos, the right mix of foreign and US born minds/hearts.
  • We are passionate about lean marketing, to drive continuous improvement and deepen customer engagement!
  • We are obsessive about working with you towards meeting the metrics that are uniquely important to you and your bottom line.
  • We won't tell you what you want to hear to simply get another check, although we like check!
  • We will be transparent, and always tell you the truth, even if it will be hard for you to hear.
  • We will let our results drive our business relationship, with our personal touch as the co-driver!

Oh, one more thing... We won't waste your time talking about ourselves; Google can do that job for us. Instead, we will focus from day #1 on understanding your business, and how to help you connect with the Latino consumer.


  • You don’t like our styles, after all, the right chemistry matters, we get it!
  • You have a better alternative option, more viable, less expensive maybe, we get it!
  • You have an in house team with the right skill set and culture that won’t benefit from free thinkers outsiders like us, we get it!
  • You like to feel hostage to long contracts with bigger agencies that subcontract the work to smaller teams of specialists like us! (Jokingly speaking, and being ironic!)

Either way, please give us a ring; we will never turn down or avoid a call to discuss opportunities to work together!

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