• Sebastian Aroca

    Owner & Founder, Hispanic Market Advisors
    Miami, Florida

    Mr. Aroca co-founded Hispanic Market Advisors with over 12 years of experience in Hispanic marketing began in 2007 translating websites…

  • Romina Tibytt

    Founder and owner, Blog Mamá XXI
    New Jersey, United States

    Romina Tibytt is the founder and editor of the blog MamaXXI.com site that began in 2009 when she felt the…

  • Rest of the Team

    Web Designer, Writers, Project Manager, Consultants
    California, Texas, Argentina, Peru

    Latino SEM assembles specific teams depending on our clients’ needs and budget. The rest of the team is composed by…


We are a passionate team of Hispanic-American professionals dedicated to help you succeed with the Latino market, whether your online marketing campaign is local, national or regional in nature. We will cohesively work alongside you as an extension of your own team to help achieve your goals or your clients' goals if you are an agency.

What did our customers say?

“Romina has been an absolute pleasure to work with and her dedication to NEUTROGENA® and JOHNSON’S® Baby as a Blogger Ambassador is greatly appreciated. Her blog, delving into her experiences as a woman, Latina and mother, resonates with many Hispanics and speaks to a large audience of Latinas who seek advice from a Hispanic mother with whom they can personally relate. As a Blogger Ambassador for the brands, we can always count on “Romina to not only be present at all events and functions, but to share the latest products with her audience and deliver an impartial review. She is truly enamored by the brands she chooses to represent and that is what makes Romina such an exceptional blogger.” Lina Baena, Public Relations Director at C-Com Group, Inc.

“I had the pleasure to recently work on a PRSA Miami Spanish SEO webinar where Sebastian participated as a speaker sharing his knowledge with other marketing professionals. I have been collaborating with Sebastian for the past year and he is a very knowledgeable Spanish and Hispanic SEO and SEM professional. We have been closely working on pushing the digital communications industry targeted at Spanish speakers and Hispanics as well as working on a few Hispanic SEM strategies for several clients we have in common. I would highly recommend Sebastian Aroca for any company looking to launch a Spanish-Language website and SEO compaign not only because of his knowledge but his expertise, professionalism and customer service. It is a true pleasure working with you!.” Silvia Prado, Experienced Hispanic and Latin America Media Executive, Sales, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Digital Media

“Hispanic Market Advisors' SEO work was key in the development of our marketing and PR strategy in Spanish at Consolidated Credit. They were able to position 21 Spanish kewords in the top Google search results and increased our traffic considerably. Even though Sebastian specializes in SEO, he also helped Consolidated Credit to generate positive media coverage through publications in the Huffington Post VOCES, HolaCiudad and Latina Mom Bloggers. I truly recommend Hispanic Market Advisors!” Ines Mato, Product Specialist | Online Newsroom Specialist | Investor Center Specialist at Business Wire

“I had the pleasure of working with Mama XXI to support several of my client’s campaigns. Her professionalism, dedication, and passion to share relevant information and engage with her followers are always exceptional.” Natasha Pongonis. DKWebConsulting

“He tenido el placer de trabajar con Romina unos 4 años. Ella ha trabajado con la marca JOHNSON’S® Baby por mucho tiempo y actualmente es parte del Cares Council de JOHNSON’S® Baby. Sabemos que cualquier trabajo que ella haga va a ser excelente y siempre podemos contar con ella para lo que sea; ella siempre está disponible para ayudar.” Angela Oneto CComGroupinc

“I’ve worked with Romina several times over the past few years but the first time we met was at Kraft blogger event that I hosted in Chicago with Chef Oropeza. Romina was an absolute pleasure to work with. Besides the fact that she always maintains a professional attitude, she knows the perfect way to organically integrate our brands into her blog posts.” Viviana Wiewall

“ We have several clients based in regions with large numbers of Hispanic and Spanish-speaking prospective patients. By not only translating the content on their websites but also optimizing that data and supporting it with links in Spanish, we’ve been able to get fantastic search engine visibility in those markets.” Rich Veliz, Partner and CTO at Surgeon's Advisor, Inc

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