Educational TWITTER PARTIES Helping Brands Connect With Latinos Online

Posted June 19, 2014 7:16 pm by Sebastian Aroca

It’s not news that brands are always trying to connect with their audience as cost-effectively as possible. The channels used to achieve this objective may vary; while some brands play more focus on paid advertising, others decide to concentrate their efforts in organic SEO and social media marketing. Usually, it’s a combination of all of the above what works best.

Within the social media marketing activities, one that is becoming increasingly cost-effective for brands are the Twitter parties. Latina Bloggers Connect was the first Latina-focused blogger-brand community and the first agency to develop bilingual Twitter parties. Latina Mom Bloggers followed.

Twitter Parties are Live Parties sponsored by brands and hosted by local influentials with the purpose of deepening the emotional connection between brands and the Latino consumers. Twitter Parties are also helping brands understand the cultural sensitivities of Hispanics, and building a bridge between them and Latinos by cultivating a better and deeper connection based on mutual respect, understanding, commitment and loyalty.

One format that is working very well lately in Live Parties is the EDUCATIONAL.

Educational Format Takeaways: Gained Knowledge, Fun, and New Friends!

Some of the best Twitter parties reported by brands and hosts have been the ones where participants walk away with new information or knowledge gained about a subject that matters to them. In the case of the Bilingual Twitter Party #FinanzasLatinos it was about financial education and personal finances. has now become one of the latest ones to join the pool of Latino agencies and infuential social networks to have coordinated one of these live activities successfully. Last May 8th, 2014, hosted a Twitter Party sponsored by Consolidated Credit Counseling Services. The objective of Consolidated Credit was simple:

1. deepen the connection with the Latino audience, and
2. stimulate the conversation about personal finances within the community

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Food For Thought: Looking Ahead

  • Will Twitter Parties continue to evolve? We’ve been seeing different formats and length. Most of these live activities last for one hour but it’s not rare to see them extend for two hours. In one case, there was one “marathon” twitter party that lasted 24 hours.
  • Will other Latino agencies enter this space? While it’s clear that the Twitter Parties are as effective as the Latina influential bloggers serving as Co-Hosts, generating the right buzz around a brand or service takes a total combined effort.
  • Are brands seeing a return on investment? Ultimately, companies’ executives tend to look at the bottom line, whether measured in sales or leads. Twitter Parties help create brand awareness and build relationships with influentials and savvy consumers.

To learn more about how can help your company organize and host a TWITTER PARTY, please complete this online form:

Have a great day!

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