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The Hispanic Market Advisors® Blog Audit will help analyze and optimize your blog following web best practices and find on-site issues and warning that may be hindering your blog’s performance.

Feel free to read our Case Study | Blogger: Mamá XXI, and when you are ready, order your Basic or Comprehensive Blog Audit.

Check your blog’s health

Conducting an SEO-evaluation might seem a time-consuming job. But if you use the right tools, finding and fixing on-site errors can be carried out in an effective and fast way. With the Hispanic Market Advisors® Blog Audit, we will perform a basic or comprehensive technical SEO audit (depending which one you choose) and show you what areas you need to fix or work on.

Analyzing your blog with the Hispanic Market Advisors® Blog Audit solution helps discover those areas that would make your blog content more accessible for search engine robots. The comprehensive Blog Audit includes a User Behavior Analysis to discover what your readers are reading and looking for and how they are interacting with your blog content. Choose between the Basic or Comprehensive SEO-audit with Hispanic Market Advisors®, and once we receive confirmation of payment, we will be able to:

  • Check your internal and external links;
  • Check alt tags where they are missing;
  • Revise meta titles, meta descriptions, and other HTML tags;
  • Review broken images and broken external links;
  • Detect error pages;
  • Find duplicate content pages;
  • Scan for problems blocking your SEO progress!

We will generate a basic or comprehensive report with fresh results. You are free to follow our recommendations on your own, employ us to fix the issues (just the critical issues or all issues), or implement nothing at all from our analysis.


Prioritize SEO issues and decide what to fix first

Checking a blog’s on-page health is indispensable to making and keeping a blog SEO- and user-friendly. Whether you manage a small blog with a handful of pages or a large one composed of thousands of pages, detection of issues can be challenging. You just cannot afford to spend days looking for every possible mistake in the code or checking for broken images or URLs. Having multiple plug-ins to do these tasks for you may eventually make your blog run slower and/or generate conflicts between plug-ins or between theme and plugin.

Where to start? The Hispanic Market Advisors® Blog Audit will show you!

We will check issues that are related to crawlability, content, images, links, accessibility and coding. All issues found are divided into three groups depending on their severity: errors, warnings, and notices.

The Basic Blog Audit Report will show you the top highest severity detected issues and the most frequently found problems on your blog. The Comprehensive Blog Audit Report will include all Basic report features plus all the non-critical errors affecting your blog (with detailed recommendations).

You will then have the opportunity to employ us to fix just the most critical issues or all issues throughout your entire blog. You can also decide to get the report and fix all the reported issues on your end, or decide to do them at a later time. Read: Beyond the Blog Audit

Get Pagespeed Insights

Improving your blog’s speed requires constant attention and monitoring. But, will your SEO efforts pay off?


PageSpeed Insights is a tool that helps Hispanic Market Advisors® analyze the blog pages and generate tailored suggestions to make your blog faster and more mobile-friendly.

After ordering our Blog SEO audit (Basic or Comprehensive), we will automatically start crawling your blog to measure the performance of your blog pages for mobile devices and desktop devices. You’ll get a report in your inbox within one week after submitting the order.

We recommend bloggers to order our Blog Audit on an annual basis, as most coding & programming issues are simpler to fix and clean (and also less expensive) when you spot them quickly.

Also importantly, Hispanic Market Advisors® will issue a branded report with a score based on the ratio of found issues to the number of performed checks. Below is a sample of the total score and its change from the previous Blog audit (if you have decided to work on fixes between audits).

Remember to focus on your creative writing and strategic distribution of your content vis-à-vis sharing it with the right intended audience. And let us help you with keeping you on the right SEO-track!

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Beyond the Blog Audit

After the Blog Audit, it’s encouraged you don’t wait too long to work on fixes so the results of your blog audit don’t become outdated. Should you then decide to follow our recommendations listed on the Basic or Comprehensive Blog Audit report and employ Hispanic Market Advisors® to fix the issues and blog optimization items, we will discount from your payment the amount you paid for the analysis (also referred as “Blog Audit”), should the suggested work from the analysis exceed that of the Blog Audit (USD$195.00 for Basic, and USD$395.00 for Comprehensive).
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You will get the badge “Optimized by Hispanic Market Advisors®” that will allow you to brag a little bit about your SEO-optimized blog with your clients highlighting the enhancements in a way that can help you generate more work or solidify existing business!

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