TwitterA Twitter party is a live interactive event during which brand representatives, bloggers, influentials host a conversation on the Twitter platform with the general audience. focuses on the Latino audience.

Benefits of host a Twitter Party for your brand:

1. Conversation about your service or product. A Twitter Party will give you the opportunity to stir up a buzz about your brand.
2. Brand Awareness.
3. Obtain feedback about your business or product and interact with your customers.
4. Reach out to a new Latino audience.
5. Show your unique and great brand personality or identity: during a Twitter party you are backing your product or service personally.
6. Introduce a new product: Twitter Parties are great to launch a new product, you can even give away samples to influential tweeters/bloggers for review and follow up the conversation about your product after the party.
7. Track interested consumers. Your own hashtag gives you a way to see what people are saying about you and your business. Additionally, a Twitter party can be used to generate mailing lists and reach your customers where they live so you can engage them in the future. You can also follow up with clients who spoke to you on Twitter about problems with your product, or ask a giveaway winner how he or she enjoyed the product they received.
8. Gain new followers and traffic to your website or blog to expand your audience and potential clients within the Hispanic community. Also a twitter party can generate thousands of tweets in under two hours.


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